Digitize a Cartoon

Here are the basic steps to take to digitize your drawings to edit, color and publish them!

What You'll Need:

•A dark colored pen
•Plain paper with nothing on the backside
•A scanner or a camera
•An image editing program online, on a computer or a tablet/smartphone
•A printer if you’d like a printed copy

Ideas for Drawing:

People often ask where I get my ideas. 

My answer: I don’t know.  Often I have to  start drawing to get an idea. Start ANYWHERE.  

Ideas: funny situations, weird faces, rhymes, crazy creatures, your mother yelling, furry things with clothing, unexpected situations…

Basic Steps:

•Draw your picture
•Scan your picture and open it in a photo editing software program
•Fix what you don’t like and color in the shapes
•Type a caption (or not) if you haven’t
•Save and print

Free Image Editing Software:
Some are more kid-friendly than others:

Download Software

Online Software

Here are some available via Chrome apps:  https://sites.google.com/site/webtoolsbox/photo-tools/photo-editors

For all the steps, check out this video: